New Video Friday :: Letting Up Despite Great Faults + The Kickdrums

It's Friday once again! Yay! Friday has to be the single best night of the week! Anyway's I got a couple cool new videos sent our way this week so thought I'd do a Friday video post.

The first video sent our way is from The Kickdrums who I previously wrote about here. They always seem to come up with creative ideas for their videos and this one is no exception. The guy who thinks nothing can go right for him to meet this one girl he really likes. It's almost like someone's 'Out to Get Me!'. Great little story line. They will be announcing details on their upcoming new album 'Meet Your Ghost' in the next few weeks. Be on the look out for that by following their site I linked above. In the meantime here's that new video directed by Danny Dwyer.

Another great video sent our way this week is from LA indie/shoegazey band Letting Up Despite Great Faults that I previously posted about here. It's a great carefree summer time video directed by Christopher Ewing for the excellent track 'Our Younger Noise'. Chris who sent the video our way also happens to be an Off the Radar fan! Thanks Chris! We're fans of Letting Up's music too and now your work as well!

Have a great week-end everyone!!!

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