NightWaves Release New Single

NightWaves who I previously wrote about last year on OTR here recently released a new single called 'Sweet Carrie' on the Binary label/blog. Big fan of their style and Binary's in general. I'm a sucker for good dreamwave/synth kinda stuff. They sent us over a couple remixes to give away for the new track by the likes of Beaumont and Alfa which are both excellent, plus the new video for the track. The single is out now on iTunes here if you like what you hear and wanna buy it.

P.S. I think this is the best format for artists at the moment. You give people a little something (remixes/videos etc), then hopefully if they dig your sound they'll buy the single/album.

MP3: Sweet Carrie (Alfa Remix) - NightWaves  320 kbps

MP3: Sweet Carrie (Beaumont Remix) - NightWaves

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