Sensual Harrassment

Sensual Harrassment are an indie/synth band from the hot spot known as Brooklyn, NY. Recently they contacted us and sent over their latest inspired track 'Fever' which was engineered by Jesse Cannon who's worked with such big names as The Cure/Animal Collective. The track is amazing! Absolutely loving it! It's a synth heavy jam with dark soaring vocals.

In addition to the new single they also sent us a couple tracks 'Soldier' and 'Daddy Long Legs' from an EP that they released last year which are also top notch! They've already been featured on Big Stereo, ELR8R and Sheena Beaston with all of them singing their praises. You can check Off the Radar as one of those as well. Seems they are fans of OTR and check us out regularly. Makes me love them even more. Keep up the great work fellas!

Here are those 3 tracks in full 320 kbps sure to make you believers.

MP3: Fever - Sensual Harrassment

MP3: Soldier - Sensual Harrassment

MP3: Daddy Long Legs - Sensual Harrassment

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