Richard Ashcroft and The United Nations of Sound

I was just about done for the day when I log onto Facebook to see this shiny new video on my friend Joshy Josh's page for Richard Ashcroft's new band RPA and the United Nations of Sound. The track is called "Are You Ready?" Being as I'm a huge Verve/Richard Ashcroft fan I had to post it right away. Hope this video lasts as most of the videos I saw on youtube seem to have the embedding disabled. I really hate that! I think the name on this one managed to sneak through some of the filters, but sure that won't be for long. Pretty damn good track/video of him training and asking 'Are you Ready?' for a big comeback of course. Doesn't much show his face till the end, but that silhoutte and voice of his are unmistakeable.

Hope the rest of the as yet untitled album being released June the 7th on Parlophone is as good as this first single. I can always use a little Ashcroft in my life. They're gonna be doing a European Tour starting in June to coincide with the albums release. The album was recorded in New York, Los Angeles and London, and produced by Chicago hip-hop pioneer No I.D. Read more on his website I linked above. Good to have you back Richard!

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