Another Black Season

Another Black Season is the solo project of classically trained LA musician Robert Michaels. He sent over a couple of tracks for consideration on OTR and right away I was entranced by his dark synth-pop sounds. Being as I'm a goth at heart I'm always attracted to music with a dark edge to it and this is definitely it!

He sent over a demo for "Blue the Stars" which is not quite ready to be posted and "Tonight's the Best Thing" which is fantastic! Has all those signature synth sounds, dark deep vocals and catchy hooks that always reel me in. Check it out and see if you agree. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from Another Black Season, that's for sure. You can always make space for some good dark pop. Check out his myspace player link above for more goodness that you can get on iTunes.  

MP3: Tonight's the Best Thing - Another Black Season  320 kbps

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