Cassette Club Single/Remixes

London duo Cassette Club who had that great Passion Pit "Sleepyhead" remix we posted here, recently released their own single of original material called "4 Me". You can preview the original version of the track on their Soundcloud page here. Along with the single they released 4 remixes in all genres and styles to suit almost everyone's tastes. Their label Eye Industries sent the remixes our way for posting in 128 bit rate. Usually not my favorite, but the remixes are so good I thought what the hay, at least it'll give you a good idea.

If you dig these you can purchase the remixes on Beatport for the much better bit rate versions. If you're a DJ and are gonna be playing these out I particularly recommend you pick up the the higher bit rate versions, 128's just won't cut it on a good club sound system.

My favorite remix is the dreamwavey version by Beaumont, but the housey Quinten 909/Livian and dancey Bestrack remixes are solid as well. Enjoy!

MP3: 4 Me (Beaumont Remix) - Cassette Club

MP3: 4 Me (Quinton 909 & Livian Remix) - Cassette Club

MP3: 4 Me (Bestrack Remix) - Cassette Club

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