James Yuill

One phrase I've been hearing from friends near and far lately, "It's hot"! Well it makes sense since we are vast approaching June and to think we've already come this far in the year is crazy. Nonetheless, summer music along with jean shorts, tank tops and some SPF are all necessities.

James Yuill is from London and his single "On Your Own" (available through iTunes here) begins with a nice bass line and synthesizers that will get dancing in this heat, and his sweet and simple lyrics are easy to sing along to! The upcoming album Movement in a Storm due out June 21 is sure to be one of those summer albums we are longing for.

I think everyday we come across a new genre and Sunday I came across what his music is categorized as "Folktronica", apparently very popular in London and he is quickly becoming one of genre's main squeezes. Fine for me, I love both genres and I'm really digging his music. Sort of reminds me of the ease that goes along with Erlend Oye's, "Unrest" album (2003). To top it all off, I was immediately drawn to the swirl - pinwheel colorful graphic design on both his site and myspace. Hmm, me love colors, imagine that!

MP3: On Your Own - James Yuill

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