Arcade Fire Returns!

As most of our OTR readers probably already know, you sly devils you. Arcade Fire returns this year with their new album The Suburbs their first since 2007's Neon Bible. It's scheduled for release August 2nd or 3rd depending were you live. A couple of the tracks from the album "The Suburbs" and "Month of May" have been ripped/leaked from a show/store that sold the double a-side single ahead of time and now they are all over Hype Machine, albeit mostly in crappy 128 kbps versions. I did manage to find a site posted on Pitchfork that had them both in full quality 320 kbps (which makes a big difference in how good they sound), but not sure if we're allowed to post these and I don't wanna deal with take down notices, so I'm just gonna post these up as streams for you to listen to.

So far the reviews have been pretty mixed. Some people really like the very different sounding tracks and some people are really hating them and declaring their career over before they've even heard the whole album. I for one love these! Don't know what the haters are talking about. "The Suburbs" is a lovely happy go lucky summer time anthem and "Month of May" is probably the punkiest I've ever heard Arcade Fire. Yeah they're different, but I don't see what's wrong with that. I like some variety in my music. Who wants to hear the same thing all the way through an album? Not me! Pretty psyched about these. Neon Bible was ok, but it didn't quite live up their amazing debut Funeral.

What do you guys think??

MP3: The Suburbs - Arcade Fire  (Streaming Only)

MP3: Month of May - Arcade Fire  (Streaming Only)


Unknown said...

I liked Month of May. Nothing wrong with change!

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