Chateau Marmont New EP

Chateau Marmont are an electronic band from Paris. We wrote about them last year here. Recently their reps contacted us and sent over their new 4 track EP entitled Nibiru that is being released May the 31st on Institubes. Absolutely loving it! Their sound is like a combination of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk. Minimal electronic music, sophisticated and well thought out/put together. If you are looking for some great electronic music look no further. This EP will hold you off nicely.

They have been kind enough to let us post the title track "Nibiru" and once you hear this I think you will become an instant fan. You can purchase the EP at the Institubes link I posted above at the end of the month. For now burn the hell out of "Nibiru" the first track from the new EP. Gorgeous stuff, highly recommended!

MP3: Nibiru - Chateau Marmont

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