Coachella Day 3 - Last but certainly not least!

Ah the last day of Coachella and a bit nervous for my entry, again. The festival wristbands are scanned everyday you enter so you can not use them again and again. My NYC friend I saw the day before at Hot Chip was leaving to go back to NYC that Sunday morning so I was able to meet up with her boyfriend to retrieve it from him. Although I had the wristband it was broken so I had to somehow attach one side to the other. Without thinking too much about it my friend and I were just gonna use some gum because we were already driving there. Luckily, my friend who was our pilot the whole time said, "Oh no honey, we are stopping to get you some superglue".

We stopped at CVS and I ran through the store to get superglue. Standing in line and this boy (who was apparently under 18 asked if we would buy his rolling papers so we did and he ended up paying for everything we were buying including the superglue ha!) When paying the cashier she asked, "What are you kids doing with this superglue? It's flying off the shelves!" haha I just looked at her and smiled. We got the wristband superglued together along with many other parts of my hand and objects in my purse that somehow got glued together, was quite a scene! ha First day with general admission wristband last day of show, I was thrilled. While smoking a cigarette and holding my hand out the window, I rethought this and said although it is superglued I wasn't going to miss my last day by doing this!

First up, Deerhunter! During their first song they were having technical difficulties so Bradford Cox, lead singer made up a song about Coachella that was brilliant! We got to hear about 4 songs which I really enjoyed and it was just the start of another awesome day.

After Deerhunter we were to meet our crew at Florence and the Machine in the Gobi tent. I'm not too familiar with her and the band but have liked what I heard; however, she was about 15-20 minutes late for whatever reason and you just don't do that when you have only 40-45 min to play! We ended up only hearing a bit of the first song and then left to meet the rest of our friends.

Next up, Jonsi, the guitarist and vocalist for Icelandic Post-Rock band, Sigur Ros. I had listened to his solo album "Go" a few times and liked the first few songs but didn't really give it the attention it deserved especially after experiencing him live. Woah, simply amazing and a life changing experience. I wrote about it before any of the Coachella posts here. If you ever have the chance to see him, DO IT!

I enjoyed Jonsi show so much that I didn't want to leave early to go hear the beginning of Spoon's show because I had seen them before (although they are one of my favorites)! Staying until the end was SO worth it!

A girl in my crew and I ran to go catch Spoon, who was playing at the Main Stage. They so deserved after all of their years of playing to play on this massive stage at Coachella. Her and I were in the beer tent just behind the fence to see them play which was great because we had lots of room to dance! We danced and danced, and had such a great time! Their album, "Transference", released earlier this year is my favorite one since "Kill the Moonlight" (2002) and "Girls Can Tell" (2001) because it had the same feel as these and didn't seem as overly produced. There are great songs on each album in between; however, I feel as a whole this new one was the best! It is also so far one of my top albums of the year.

Next up, Phoenix at the Outdoor Theatre. By the time we got there it was completely packed so we took a place in the back where we could still clearly hear it and have room to dance. I saw Phoenix for the first time last summer in Brussels and it was a great concert! I had been wanting to see them for so many years and was pretty close for that show so for this one and being the last day, the back was fine for me! Also at this point our feet were feeling it and me having a previously broken toe and fractured foot, Coachella was pretty rough on it so we sat down yet again in the beer tent!

Lastly, we caught a little bit of Thom Yorke but from very far back because one of the people I was with despises him (that's all I'll say) and I wasn't about to lose my crew on the last day, last show we would see! Although somehow I managed to do that by making a trip to the loo and not being able to find them but 30 minutes later! ha

We skipped to go back to the parking lot to our car for fear of just like the first night and waiting 2.5 hours in the lot when we were all just done at that point. I know my music belly was way more than just content after all 3 days! Two of us skipped, raced and laughed through the parking lot as our crew were the only ones in the lot. Damn, it was a great Coachella!

Favorite songs played!

Deerhunter "Coachella song"

Deerhunter "Never Stops"

Spoon "Got Nuffin"

Spoon "Written in Reverse"

Phoenix "Lisztomania"

Phoenix "Lasso"

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