Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio

Remember record store day a couple weeks ago. Well New Jersey artists Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio released this amazing track in honor of that event called "Digital Killed the Record Store" which is self explanatory. Such a great electronic pop track! Love The Cure Disintegration reference. Have it on repeat. You can download the track free from their website here. They are gonna releasing an EP at the end of June or July. Keep your eye open for that.

Here's a little blurb that they included with the release of the single::

'Whatever damage video inflicted on the radio star, it hardly compares to what digital has done to the record store. We're not complaining exactly—after all, we love our blogs and mp3s as much as the next band—but we do very much miss the days of congregating at the record store and going through the Record Store bins. And this is our wistful spin on remembering. It's also our way of saying, Happy Record Store Day!

So, enjoy this little gift on this littlest of holidays. Pass it on if you like and keep the spirit alive.'


Perfectly said... Although it looks like this years record store day was the most prosperous one ever, so maybe there's some life in them yet.

MP3: Digital Killed the Record Store - Ian McGlynn & The Dead Radio


Anonymous said...

heh. sorta neat.

Anonymous said...

Love this - more please.