Chapel Club

Chapel Club are an indie rock band from London. So far they've released two singles. The first one being "O Maybe I" and their newest "Five Trees" which is officially released May the 31st on their new label A&M. Loving both the tracks I've heard so far! They show a lot of potential. Seems they have been spending their time touring and in the studio recording their debut album with Paul Epworth (aka Phones). Smart move, Paul knows what he's doing behind the controls. Can't wait to hear the album. Think it's gonna be stupendous.

Can't post the uber catchy new single, but they sent along a remix cleared for posting by the The Horrors that is pretty amazing as well! Takes the track and totally takes in a more electronic direction. Which seems to be what The Horrors have been doing with their remixes. Love that! Even though they do the rock thing for their original material their taking a more electronic route with their remixes. Think you guys are gonna love it!

In addition to the remix, here is their video for first single "O Maybe I". Keep an eye on these guys. We certainly will be.

MP3: Five Trees (Horrors Remix) - Chapel Club

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