New Edward Sharpe Video/Remix

Finally moved into my new place! Did you guys miss me? Thanks to the OTR crew for holding down the fort in my absence! So proud of all the great stuff they posted.

Still not fully unpacked (lots of boxes lying around), but loving my new spot. An amazing view of Miami and the Beach that makes me not wanna ever wanna leave home. This may be a problem. Well maybe not for you guys, cause I'll be home doing posts.

Anyways I was internet-less for like 5 days there, so still playing catch up with all the OTR emails which are starting to get extensive and I have no idea what my favorite blogs have been posting for like the last few weeks. May have to have Mike to start giving me a hand with the emails being sent our way cause there's just too much stuff for me to handle by myself anymore.

Anyways got sent this new video from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for their track "Home", which apparently has been the hot-ness for the last couple of months some friends have informed me. Crazy how you can be so into music and still miss things. There's just too much music being released all the time. Stuff is always gonna fall through the cracks.

Here is that new video which is a collection of some of the bands favorite moments over the last few years, plus a Timmy the Terror remix that was sent our way the other day for their track "Om Nashi Me". Not sure what the original sounds like, but this one is some dancey goodness.


MP3: Om Nashi Me (Timmy the Terror Remix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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