Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Definitely unknown, hopefully mortals, and orchestra? Sure okay, why not!? So I know this band is from Portland and that's all any one who picked up on this track by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and posted about it knows.

So here is a little insight into how I pick what to post about. I check out my favorite blogs, go to shows, and talk to friends who deejay or play in bands and they tell me what they're listening to. I then place it on my play list entitled "could it be blog?" and then I go about my day doing whatever it is I have to do while listening to said play list. This little song "FFunny Frends" kept popping up and I said, this is definitely blog. The infectious little melody distorted vocals and guitars, it's exactly what I'm looking for. There's a guitar solo towards the end that is just the cherry on top of this little pop sundae.

Cool story I know. Check out "FFunny Frends" maybe you're new favorite song.

MP3: FFunny Frends - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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