Faded Paper Figures Return

California electro-pop trio Faded Paper Figures who I wrote about last year here have just released album number two New Medium today May the 25th. They sent along their first single from the new album "Invent it All Again" and just like everything I've heard from them it is excellent! Simple, catchy and soothing music to ease those tensions away. They remind me of the days of electro-pop a-la the turn of the decade (2000). Figurine, Pinback, Notwist anyone? Glad music like this is still being made. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best policy.

Here is that first track/single from their new album. If you like this investigate further. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. You can pick up/preview the entire album on CD Baby or iTunes.

As a bonus here is also "North by North" a great track from their debut album Dynamo that I found in my iTunes library.

MP3: Invent it All Again - Faded Paper Figures

MP3: North by North - Faded Paper Figures

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