New Radio Dept. Single

Absolutely loving the new Radio Dept album Clinging to a Scheme released last month. Wrote about it and posted the amazing first single "Heaven's on Fire" here. Even Pitchfork gave them a best music rating with an 8.3 (read their review here). The album's been on repeat at my apartment along with the new National and LCD albums. Those three have been my obsessions for the last month or so and will most assuredly be contenders for albums of the year when the Best of 2010 lists come along in December.

Anyways this week their label Labrador sent over their second single "Never Follow Suit" (another one of my favorites from the album) being released June 16th on digital and CD with two exclusive b-sides. They've given us the go ahead to post up the track. Don't have to ask me twice! Here it is and if you haven't gotten the album yet what are you waiting for?? Get to it!

MP3: Never Follow Suit - The Radio Dept.

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