Breton is an exciting new film makers/band hybrid from London. They have a new EP called Sharing Notes (second in a trilogy) which is being released July 5th physically and July 12th digitally. They sent along 3 tracks from the EP "The Well", "Penultimate" & "15X" and I'm digging them all!

Something cool they're doing for the physical release is including directions on a hand-made circuit board which shows you how to make your own synthesizer! That alone may be worth getting the physical copy of the release. You can see them making one of the synths in their video for "15X". Sounds a bit too difficult for me (I'd surely screw something up), but maybe for those of you better with your hands you might wanna try that out. It would be pretty cool, even if just for fun.

Here's a couple of those tracks in full 320, plus that video for "15X".

MP3: The Well - Breton  320 kbps

MP3: Penultimate - Breton  320 kbps

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