Interpol Returns

The stylish NYC band Interpol is back with as yet untitled album #4 set for release September 14th.

Seems their infamous bass player Carlos D who participated in the recording of the new album has left the band and will not be joining them in their upcoming tour. Sad to see Carlos go as he was a big part of their sound/style. The reasons given for the departure is that he will be pursuing new goals. Hmmm, sounds like creative differences to me. It happens, especially when your with a band for so many years. Anyways the band has released a free single from the album called "Lights" as well as an accompanying futuristic/fetish/drug video that is spectacular!

On top of Carlos leaving a little more bad news for the band who was set to open up for U2 in their upcoming summer tour which was cancelled due to Bono's recent back problems. They had to schedule their own tour. That's a bummer because they were sure to make tons of new fans opening up for U2 who packs stadiums everywhere they play. Check here to see if they will be making a tour stop near you. For us Miami-ans they will be performing at The Fillmore on Miami Beach 8/21!!! Can't wait! I love that venue!

Here is that new track and video to wet your appetites. A lot rides on this new album. Could be the one to make or break them as it seems many people were disappointed with their last one 'Our Love to Admire' and maybe even sophmore record 'Antics'. Me NOT being one of them. Pfffff, the critics.

MP3: Lights - Interpol  320 kbps

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