Jump Jump Dance Dance "Modern Eyes" Remixes

Jump Jump Dance Dance who's video "Modern Eyes" I posted a couple weeks ago here, are getting set to release the single digitally June 25th. As a bonus to coincide with the release they are giving away two remixes of the track by Beni (ex-Riots in Belgium) and Bit Funk. Digging them both. Funky re-interpretations are always a good thing. If pressed I think the Bit Funk Remix has a slight edge, but they're both quality remixes suitable for a dance floor near you and both in crystal clear 320 kbps! Thanks guys!

P.S. If you like the Bit Funk remix below check out his Soundcloud. He's got tons of other remixes and originals you can download for Free as well. Score!

MP3: Modern Eyes (Bit Funk Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance  320 kbps

MP3: Modern Eyes (Beni Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance  320 kbps

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