With a band name like Grouplove, you automatically think positive thoughts and for good reason.

After all 5 band members met on the small Island of Crete in Greece, their musical inspiration and ambition to create something together was without a doubt what they wanted to do. They made music the entire summer in Crete and realized they all had a very strong bond together and thought of returning to their respected cities seemed like such a waste. Shortly there after they all decided to continue on this music journey together and the other 4 members moved to LA where one of the members already lived. You can read their story on their myspace.

Grouplove's single, "Colours" is all over the blog scene and it's another great tune that has a fun summer feel to it. The self-titled EP came out on May 4 and can be purchased via iTunes. The lead singer, Christian Zucconi's voice reminds me a little bit of Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse which brings back some great old memories for me. Grouplove is another new indie band that is sure to keep climbing the charts with attention they have already received from "Colours" and their EP.

MP3: Colours - Grouplove

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