I started listening to Menomena after their first release in 2003, "I am the Fun Blame Monster" and was immediately hooked. Comprised of a 3-piece band (Brent Knopf, Justin Harris, and Danny Seim) from Portland you could easily think there are 10 members in the band because of the plethora of instruments that continuously build through each tune. The CD booklet for "I am the Fun Blame Monster" to date is still one of my favorite packaged cd's, it consists of an 80-page flip book that was individually hand-assembled while Dan Seim was working at Kinko's. I still show people that come over to my studio this booklet, it's amazing! Seim's solo project, Lacktherof is how Menomena was born in late 2000.

The new album, "Mines" will be out July 27th on Barsuk Records in the US. This will be the band's 4th release and I'm sure like their other releases (Under an Hour - released in 2005 & Friend & Foe, 2007), this will be another great album. I really enjoy their music because it encompasses both dark and light elements that take you through their musical outerspace.

Menomena's site offers "Five Little Rooms" their single available for free download here.

Bret Knopf, one-third of Menomena released his solo project last year, Ramona Falls first album "Intuit" which came out last year. Another one highly recommended. My favorite off that album was "Clover".

MP3: Five Little Rooms - Menomena

MP3: Clover - Ramona Falls


Ray Milian said...

i have that cd/booklet too, great stuff. these new tunes are good too.

SavvyD said...

Someone leaked the whole thing onto youtube. I'm left wondering how...

Lillian Banderas said...

Ramona Falls, really great solo project, wrote about it here. can't wait to hear this album.