Feldberg / Kyte

Icelandic duo Feldberg who was recently featured on the influential Kitsune Compilation #9 has been quickly signed by the label and are getting ready to release first single "Dreamin" August 30th. It's a beautiful, breezy summertime indie pop tune. Really loving it and their great back and forth male/female vocals! You can sample the track on their Soundcloud below.

Dreamin´ (Album Version) by theqeco

In addition to the track they have this equally amazing remix by UK band Kyte that takes the track in a much more electronic ambient direction. Lovely as well!

MP3: Dreamin (Kyte Remix) - Feldberg

While I was researching Kyte I found they are an impressive indie band just getting started also. Their track "Designed for Damage" is sooo good! Restrained and lovely! You can hear that on their Soundcloud player below. They also have a Pacific Remix for the track that is ace as well and they are giving away for free! It takes the track in more of a dance floor direction. You can listen to/download that from our player below. God I love good music and when artists work together to remix each other. When done right, it's a lovely thing.

Kyte - Designed for Damage by partisanpr

MP3: Designed for Damage (Pacific Remix) - Kyte

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