Munk :: Them Jeans Remix

Through out late 08' through most of 09' I was obsessed with this track "Down in L.A." by German artist Munk. Particularly the Shazam Remix that I posted here. I lost track of how many times I played that out in my DJ sets. Such a feel good summer type anthem, I couldn't get enough of it.

Seems they are releasing remixes of the track including the Shazam remix and this excellent re-interpretation by Them Jeans that has been cleared for posting. Sweet-ness, you guys are gonna be stuck hearing me play this out again for another few months, haha... Cop that single with all those new remixes at your usual online retailers like Beatport, iTunes or Amazon here for only $5.

MP3: Down in L.A. (Them Jeans Remix) - Munk  320 kbps

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Neesha said...

It would be fantastic if you could reupload the Shazam remix!