There was a time when most bands out of New York were actually based in New York City proper. Nowadays, bands proudly boast their Brooklyn badge, and boy, are there a lot of bands out there trying to do their thing. How do you stand out from the rest in a veritable paella of a city when it comes to music? To start, you might have a good advantage if you're able to write pop music that shines among the wealth of it out there. Suckers is a good example. Their perfect melodies over clean guitars were married in harmony heaven. Yet at times, their tunes reach frantic peaks that are, well, endorphin-releasing. Their latest EP, Wild Smile, was released on Frenchkiss Records in early June, just in time to make the ideal soundtrack to this summer's memories, which you can surely make more of if you go catch them on their current tour. Enjoy.

MP3: Black Sheep - Suckers

MP3: A Mind I Knew - Suckers

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