The Prids

Every now and again, you download an album, listen to it a couple of times and keep going back to it knowing that it will grow on you and you will love it. For me that is the case with The Prids and their newest release 'Chronosynclastic'.

After a serious accident that could have ended the band almost two years ago, they made a great return with this album that came out June 11th. The band has been around for quite a while, although I think they have been overlooked for too long! David Frederickson and Mistina La Fave formed the band back in 1995 in St. Joseph Missouri, but now 2 band members reside in Portland, Oregon. Their sound is a great blend of girl-boy interplay and rock n' roll that I am totally loving.

Some of the bands greatest influences are The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Vaselines, Wire, Unrest, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Built to Spill (besides Doug Marstch of Built to Spill being a fan of the band, he plays some guitar riffs on this album as well).

Also of note Frederickson and La Fave were a former couple, which is how "The Prids" name came about. It was their pet name for each other. They were married, divorced and still play together in this band which gives their music a whole other element of respect in my book.

On their press page, they have some great testimonials from other notable bands that are worth a read! They now are one of the bands... I would love to see live!

MP3: Hide Your Thoughts - The Prids

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Anonymous said...

They're amazing live. Do yourself a favor and make it happen!