Bag Raiders Return!

Australia's Bag Raiders who had that amazing track "Shooting Stars" in 08' are finally getting ready to release their self titled debut album October 1st on Modular. Woke up today to hear the new single "Way Back Home" and it is every bit as good as "Shooting Stars"! Electro-pop delicious-ness! Got me pretty psyched to hear the new album!

Also today I saw a video for the track. Pretty sure it's NOT the 'official' video, but a little visual stimulation. Like a spaceship guitar hero version.

Here is the soundcloud of the track, plus that video and the tracklisting for the album. Tic, toc, come on October!

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home by threefingers

Album Tracklisting::
1. Castles in the Air
2. Sunlight
3. Shooting Stars
4. So Demanding
5. Gone Away
6. Prelude
7. Not Over
8. Snake Charmer
9. Always
10. Golden Wings
11. Way Back Home


Anonymous said...

No offense, but that "video" is a video game.

Track is fucking great though.

Ray Milian said...

yeah that's what thought. not much of a gamer.

Kevin said...

Anyone know what game that was? Loved the track btw :)