New Blonde Redhead Album

A while back, Ray had written about Blonde Redhead giving away a free download of their new track "Maybe Sometimes" in exchange for your e-mail (here's that post). Well Ray, you were right when you'd hoped a new album was in the works. Blonde Redhead's latest album, Penny Sparkle, is slated to be released on September 14th via 4AD Records. Those of you who followed gleefully after the band when they'd gone in a more decidedly electronic direction with their last album 23 might agree that Penny Sparkle is indeed their final destination on that journey. Listening to this album, you can't help but understand that they've found a niche in electronic pop.

Always having been masters of portraying the human psyche in their words and sounds, Penny Sparkle is a poignant blend of beats and self-beatings. Somber with songs dubbed with names like My Plants are Dead, they will surely manage to strike yet another chord with their large following. Though, since I personally have always been a fan of their earlier, more whimsical recordings, I wouldn't be surprised if new and old listeners alike find the album a bit on the boring side. Nevertheless, wherever the band chooses to go next, a trail of loyal fans will surely follow.

MP3: My Plants Are Dead - Blonde Redhead

MP3: Spain - Blonde Redhead

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