Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Lead singer Charles Haddon jumped to his death after what was quoted by band member Joe Hutchinson as "playing the best gig of his life to 5,000 people". I have been listening to "The Golden Years" non stop and was crushed to hear about the demise of this promising member of the London three piece Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. On the bright side he leaves behind an album of heart felt lyrics loaded with dark sweetness. The song "Outside" is particularly haunting with lyrics like "Now it's too late, I hit the ground." It's a progression of synths that brings an immense emotion (in my case even a tear). The Golden Years is set to be released in October 2010. Check out the track "outside" below or "Dance The Way I Feel" previously posted by Ray.

Condolences to the family of Charles Haddon as well as to his friends and band members. Billy Joel puts it best "only the good die young".

MP3: Outside - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

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