Champagne Riot

Got sent these two amazing tracks "Heart Stab" and "A Friend of a Friend" the other day by electro-pop Scandinavian duo Champagne Riot. Both tracks are amazing! In particular I'm loving "Heart Stab" which does exactly as the name implies. It stabs you in the heart with these achingly beautiful melodies and gorgeous uplifting music about love.

They are gonna be releasing both tracks as a double a-side single in the UK on September the 27th on xxx records. They have been kind enough to let us post a track on OTR as a free download for our readers almost a full 2 months before it's scheduled release date! How awesome is that? Grab this baby quick and be the first kid on your block with the new Champagne Riot! You so cool!

MP3: Heart Stab - Champagne Riot  320 kbps

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