Gentlemen Thieves Remix Beastie Boys

Don't know much about NYC artist(s) Gentlemen Thieves, (pretty cryptic too as the only pics I see on their sites are for their logos), but I can tell you they know how to put together a mean remix! This remix they sent us for Beastie Boys classic track "Intergalactic" is ace! Sooooo good! Love me a good remix of a known track like this. Always kills at the clubs, especially as the night wears on and people get that liquor in them. Might test this baby out at The Vagabond tonight. I recommend you DJ's out there do the same.    

This is the second great Beastie Boys remix we've posted recently. A few weeks ago I posted another sick remix Alex Metric did for "Sabotage".  You can get that one here, if you haven't already. Stock up on those Beastie remixes. Collector's items y'all.

MP3: Intergalactic (Gentlemen Thieves Remix) - Beastie Boys  320 kbps

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