General Elektriks

Hervé Salters? Sounds eerily like 'haute couture', rather than 'haute musique'. Surprise, surprise... Welcome to the world of French-born, vintage keyboard aficionado who happens to write his own music and lyrics. Damn good at it too! So much so that I can put his music on repeat for days, now turned into years, and still call it a favorite.

In 2005, his band General Elektriks songs "Tu M'Intrigues" and "Terms and Conditions Apply" first caught my attention with lyrics like 'You can make pearls out of charcoal, but terms and conditions apply'. Yeah, perhaps he meant 'diamonds', but 4 years later he came out with another album that I would just label as 'hawt'. The album is called 'Good City for Dreamers'.

Now in San Francisco and known as RV Salters, he's still making music by mixing synths with other vintage sounds. He possesses a unique style that is bound to capture you, and how appropriate for music aficionados like you and I to be singing lyrics like 'Raid, raid the radio... because we're tired of hearing the same old song.' Oh and don’t forget 'imagination is what we demand'.

For my debut post, a French talent, and it's not the only one. General Elektriks, "Tu m'intigues"!

MP3: Raid the Radio - General Elektriks

MP3: You Don't Listen - General Elektriks

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Wow... great find. Thanks for posting!