Weekend Video Roundup

Well, the weekend is here and for most of you that means no work for a few days. While unfortunately that's not the case for me, I won't hold a grudge, in fact, I thought I'd give you all something to keep you entertained whilst relaxing indoors on this lazy August afternoon. This is my weekend video roundup!

First up is a vid for Arcade Fire's 'Ready To Start'. Yeah, its just a concert video and not some fancy, special effects filled epic tale, but hey, these guys are so amazing live, why would you wanna see anything else? Love this.

MP3: Ready To Start - Arcade Fire

Next, moving on from Montreal's Arcade Fire to Athens, Georgia's Of Montreal with the vid for their track 'Coquet Coquette'. This video is about as epic as they come. Some kind of savage every-man-for-himself battle to the death between a bunch of barbarian warriors. Warning: this one gets a little violent.

MP3: Coquet Coquette - Of Montreal

From violence to voodoo, this video for Toro y Moi's 'Low Shoulder' is the last thing I'd expect to see in connection with this track, but none the less, it's pretty entertaining.

MP3: Low Shoulder (Radio! Remix) - Toro Y Moi

And now for something completely different, lets end on a more pleasant note. Tennis, who Erika posted here earlier this Summer, have this nice, simple, feel good video for their track 'Cape Dory' which ought to inspire you to get off your computer and get out and enjoy the day!

MP3: Cape Dory - Tennis

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