Lollapalooza Review

So I just got back from the wonderful city of Chicago where my three days at Grant Park for Lollapalooza could be summed up in two words: amazing and exhausting! With a lineup that was even more fantastical in fruition than it looked on paper, there were a few bands that stood out above the rest as the clear highlights of a solid weekend.

The Highlights:

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Now, this is the first time I've seen them live and I had heard tales of their amazing stage presence before, giving me high expectations going in. They went above and beyond. Seemed like everything fell into place for this one including the setting. They played a small stage in a grassy clearing surrounded by trees, which perfectly complimented their hippie ambiance. Believe me, if you haven't seen them live yet, you are missing out!

Cut Copy. I think what I loved most about Cut Copy's performance this time was that when they played I believe a lot of people were off trying to get a good spot for Green Day or Phoenix, so while there was a good amount of people around, there was still space to breathe and move, unlike at lots of shows that were overly crowded (like MGMT.) Thus we were able to get pretty close to make the most of their outstanding performance.

Yeasayer. They've been one of my fave bands of the last few years, so I was really looking forward to seeing them. They were as fun to watch as they are to listen to! They're one of those bands whose music sounds even better live than it does recorded. I loved it! They are doing a pretty extensive east coast tour this Fall, so definitely catch them if they are in your area! I recorded a short clip of them performing '2080', sorry for the poor quality.

The Arcade Fire.
Wow. Thats all I have to say. Arcade Fire were beyond being the icing on the cake at the end of a mind blowing weekend! As one of my favourite bands ever, I had been hearing wonderful things of their NYC performance just days before this show, and despite playing a stage plagued with sound problems throughout the weekend, they killed it! Soo good. If they tour near you soon, GO SEE THEM!

Honourable Mention:

Dragonette. She went on early in the day on a small stage to a crowd that for the most part didn't really even know who she was. To be honest I went to see her as filler between shows because I was always fond of her 'Fixin to Thrill' track. I was impressed. Acts like her and Arcade Fire this weekend made me proud of my Canadian heritage.

Empire of the Sun. Weren't gonna see them at first actually cuz they played at the same time as Phoenix. But sure am glad I did, what a visually incredible show!

There were many other great ones, MGMT of course, The Antlers, Chromeo, Hot Chip and The Strokes were all really good. But those were the main highlights of my weekend.

For all of you that went I'd love to hear your feedback too! Let us know your faves!

BONUS ::: Yeasayer's track 'Madder Red' was one of my favourite songs I saw performed over the weekend, so check out this awesome remix by Little Loud!

MP3: Madder Red (Little Loud Remix) - Yeasayer

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