Android Automatic

Android Automatic is a solo electro artist from Detroit, Michigan who recently submitted his track "Dreaming in Color" from his latest EP 'After Summer' for us to review. Real cool electro meets disco track. It definitely got my attention. I then proceded to check out his fairtilizer page were he has more music to stream, including a couple more from After Summer and ummm yea, I like him! A nice mix of electro/synthey vocoder goodness. Especially recommended if you dig bands like Kraftwerk.

Check out the excellent "Dreaming in Color" cleared for downloading below, if you like that then head over to his fairtilizer/myspace pages I linked above and listen to some more.

MP3: Dreaming in Color - Android Automatic  320 kbps

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Jon said...

not the sort of thing i'd like if you described it to me but it sounds great, really good