Our friends Rebel from Miami are getting ready to release their debut EP 'INTRCPTR' this week with a show/CD Release Party scheduled at the always fun Fridays at The Vagabond party. You can see the Facebook invite here. Can't wait for the show! They played at our weekly Wednesday night party (786) at Purdy not too long ago for our 1 Year Annv and they blew everyone away! Had all the cool kids from Miami bands in attendance, dancing and taking notes.

They sent over their EP for us to post a track to get you guys excited for the show and maybe make some new fans if you reside outside of MIA. They deserve it, not only are they great musicians, but super nice fellas as well.  

Here is their single "Stampede", from the EP to wet your appetites. Rock n' roll is alive and well!

MP3: Stampede - Rebel  320 kbps

Here's also an interview the band did for Antisteez that I saw today. Thought I'd include it here to get you better acquainted with the band.


Caroline Geys said...

awesome! great guys great music!

Unknown said...

thanks Caroline -- hope to see ya FRI night