My Pet Saddle

If you like the sounds of The Black Lips, The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) or The Intelligence then you will enjoy My Pet Saddle hailing from Fullerton, California.

MPS incorporates a little more of a 50's rock n' roll vibe on some tracks which is what drew me in the more I listened to their debut album "Laughin at Me". Growing up I listened to a lot of 50's and 60's tunes, had wallpaper with records on it and a sweet ol' pink Cadillac toilet dispenser to match my obsession, ha! This album is right up my alley!

The album came out last month and for now you can only buy their album at their shows (soon on iTunes), but you can stream the entire album on Soundcloud. Here's a track for you to sample/download in the mean time.

MP3: Il Fait Beau - My Pet Saddle

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