Deerhunter Returns!

Deerhunter will be releasing their 4th LP Halcyon Digest September 28th. After lovin' on their last LP Microcastle, seeing them at Coachella this year and writing about them here, I am pretty excited to hear the new album!

Today I was drawing and listening to some new music in my headphones (which to me is always the best way to hear new music, because you hear every little sound) and I came across this song "He Would Have Laughed". I instantly fell in love with it's melody, instrumentation, his heart-breaking tone of voice and the journey the song has taken me on. It is on repeat, with lots of love...

MP3: He Would Have Laughed - Deerhunter

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Unknown said...

I discovered this song exactly the way you did. This song has made me feel what no other song has made me feel in a long, long time.