Wolf People

Alright, I know what you're thinking. How big is this pack of wolf bands? My guess is, as long as the bands with the word "deer" in them keep growing in numbers, there'll be "wolf" bands around. I'm particularly excited about this London-based band. Wolf People follows in the vein of the Black Keys - this band's sound seems to have jumped aboard a time machine, having missed the boat on the heydays of rock, roll and revolution half a century ago, inventing something entirely unique in its attempt to mimic the masters of the day. Their new album, Steeple, was recorded in the Welsh countryside, its isolation and eeriness echoing throughout each track. I loved taking a long drive to listen to this entire album, burning through a pack of cigarettes, thinking of how much I would have loved to have lived during the sixties and seventies, though bands like this one will always somehow compensate for that. Steeple is due out on Jagjaguwar Records on October 12th.

MP3: Tiny Circle - Wolf People

MP3: Painted Cross - Wolf People

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