The Sight Below

If you're looking for some minimal, dark, atmospheric electronic music to get into then look no further than Seattle solo artist The Sight Below from Ghostly Intl. Seems his latest album 'It All Falls Apart' was released earlier this year. Ghostly sent us two tracks from record "Burn Me Out From the Inside" and "Fervent" for our readers to listen to/download for free and I instantly loved them! Although not the usual upbeat, poppy electro-pop/indie rock kinda stuff I usually gravitate towards, it's got this eerie, pulsating atmospheric sound that captures your attention and won't let up until you hear the whole songs through. Not an easy feat for this type of music and my tastes. Fans of sparse electronic music with a dark edge to it will love these. Try it on for size as the night falls for extra effect.

Here are those two for you to digest. If you dig what you hear you can pick up the rest of that album at online retailers like Amazon or the Ghostly store here.

MP3: Burn Me Out From the Inside - The Sight Below

MP3: Fervent - The Sight Below

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