Telenovelas (spanish for soap opera) is something I grew up hating. All the women in my family loved them and I couldn't stand them. So cheesy and bad. Thank god Brooklyn's Telenovelas is helping change that bad imprint in my mind about them into something nice and sweet with their great shoegazey sound. I've known Lindsey who plays in the band for many years and she's one cool cookie. Glad she teamed up with this great band who is starting to get a lot of blog love. They totally deserve it!

Check out these two tracks "This Thing Called Life" and "Bloody Mary" that they have on their bandcamp site for free download and see if you don't become an instant fan, particularly if you dig the shoegaze sound like I do. If you like these be sure to grab "One and Only" also available for free on their bandcamp site. We'll be keeping an eye on these up and comers, so should you.

MP3: Bloody Mary - Telenovelas

MP3: This Thing Called Life - Telenovelas

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