Avey Tare

Being a major Animal Collective fan, knowing that Avey Tare, aka Dave Portner, was going to drop a solo album album left me glowing and giggly like a school girl. The reverb accompanied by the beautiful and simple beat creates an incredibly melodious and eerie tune. I can only imagine it must have been nothing but exciting to be recording the album, Down There, within an old church in upstate NY. The potentially spooky Down There will be ready Oct. 26 off of Paw Tracks Records, just in time for Halloween weekend playlists. In the meantime, put on some headphones and fall deep into the mysterious beats of Lucky 1. Also, take a look at the trippy, alligator-based imagery in the music video made by his sister Abby Portner.

MP3: Lucky 1 - Avey Tare

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