The Concretes

Swedes never fail to deliver. Staples in my essential list include Dungen, Refused, and Fireside just to name a few. This time around, it's The Concretes, making a reappearance after a three-year hiatus with the release of WYWH. Lisa Milberg slightly whispers the lyrics over the disco-infused beats, adding a layer of melancholy to these indie pop tracks. The retro feel of the album creates the perfect soundtrack for lounging around one's apartment while watching the sunset. Wish You Where Here will be out November 9th on Brooklyn's Friendly Fire Recordings. Enjoy the video for their single, All Day, and Blackbird Blackbird's remix of Good Evening, which is suitable for a little dance party with others or even by yourself!

MP3: All Day - The Concretes

MP3: Good Evening (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) - The Concretes

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