Bishop Morocco

Apparently this gem from Toronto duo Bishop Morocco, which came out earlier this year, slipped a lot of peoples radar, including my own until recently. Well, now its time to give it the attention it deserves! With their dark yet upbeat sound echoing the style of New Wave greats such as New Order and heavily influenced by Brit Pop legends like The Smiths and Stone Roses, the two childhood friends from Toronto, Jake Fairley and Jim Sayce, reunited in the small northern European town of Groningen, Netherlands and created their self titled debut LP which came out back in June.

The albums first single 'Last Year’s Disco Guitars' is the perfect ambassador of the bands take on the 80's New Wave genre that is consistent throughout their debut album. Also, it's accompanied by a pretty cool vid and a pretty bad ass remix by Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck.

MP3: Last Year's Disco Guitars - Bischop Morocco

MP3: Last Year's Disco Guitars (Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck remix) - Bischop Morocco

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