Saw Yeasayer perform last night and they blew my mind! Amazing live band! If you they come to your neck of the woods do not miss them! Truly remarkable stuff! Tonight LCD Soundsystem and Sleigh Bells get ready to rock MIA so it's a bit difficult to focus on posting today, but wanted to give you guys a little something, especially for our readers outside of South Florida, the rest of you should be in Miami Beach tonight come 9PM! Tons of dancing about to go down!

Ran into this amazing track the other day by Minnesota trio Estate called "Nuclear City". Absolutely gorgeous electro-pop/dreamwave tune that I can't wait to play out on the dance floor! It's a gooey/yummy new wave inspired tune and you guys know how much I love those! Thought you'd be interested in having this baby as well.

If you dig this they have an EP out called Nuclear City produced by Gigamesh and more that you should look into picking up. Check out their myspace I linked above for more info and below is a video I saw for the track in the usual dreamwave style of using old movie clips I've been seeing a lot of lately.

MP3: Nuclear City - Estate  320 kbps

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