LCD Soundsystem was amazing last night! If they come your way I highly suggest you check them out, particularly if the rumors of no more albums/tours are true. Fun, fun show! Check out some pics I posted as well as pics from the Yeasayer/Washed Out show the previous day on my facebook. Probably one of the best back to back weekday shows Miami's seen in a while. Too bad more people weren't in attendance for Yeasayer, they were really impressive! I guess it's hard to play the day before LCD and there's been so many great shows going on recently, I'm sure many people had to pick and choose which ones to go to. A much better dilemma to have than no shows, that's for sure.

Anyways back to the music...

Last week I got sent these two amazing remixes for Metric's "Blindness" and Philip Selway's "Beyond Reason" by Mikezilla. Mikezilla is the project of 22 yr old L.A. artist/producer Mike Hardin. Pretty amazing remixes, especially for such a young guy. He's got a great ear and loads of talent! Had both these remixes stuck on repeat the last few days.

Here are those for you to download in full 320. If you dig these he has more you can check out on his soundcloud page. Keep it up Mikey! You got our attention.

MP3: Blindness (Zillamix by Mikezilla) - Metric  320 kbps

MP3: Beyond Reason (Zillamix by Mikezilla) - Philip Selway  320 kbps

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