LCD Killed MIA!

So as another fellow Miami music slut it's hard to think of anything else today other than last night's LCD show at the Fillmore which was unbelievable! There's been a lot of build up to last night, especially in the last couple of days while talking with enthused LCD fans. I haven't heard that much excitement from so many people for a show in years. Hmmm, probably because finally in years we have some great big acts coming to Miami!!!

I have seen them 4 times, in 03' at Soho Lounge in Mia during WMC, 04', 07' and this year's Coachella (reviewed here). I have to say last night's performance was the best for a couple of reasons. The sound that the band charged from the indoor stage was crisp, intense and perfectly loud. I could probably count on one hand the number of friends that weren't there, the rest were all there and had the same ecstatic responses, "They killed it", "Out of control", "Can't stop smiling", "Best concert"! They were solid from beginning to end and I couldn't have asked for a better show. Although because they are one of my favorite bands, I definitely wanted to hear more songs especially "New York, I love you", "Time to Get Away" and "All I Want" (listen below). I jumped up and down/danced the entire show and haven't been drenched in sweat at a concert like that in a long time and I'm a regular concert attendee, but then again this was LCD!

MP3: All I Want - LCD Soundsystem

I took both of these "Dance Yourself Clean" videos below on my iPhone which for the sake of being a camera on a phone, came out pretty good. They opened up with this song which was very befitting because the song starts out slow and really builds up in the most perfect way to the insanity that followed when the song dropped. I was hoping to hear them play this at Coachella but they didn't, however, last night totally made up for it! Now as far as the wobbling that's because I couldn't help moving my toosh which is why you'll see I stopped recording, couldn't sit still anymore.

My very talented/close friend wrote an exceptional (as always) review about last night's show in the Miami New Times, well worth a read!

Last Night's Setlist:
-"Dance Yrself Clean"
-"Drunk Girls"
-"Get Innocuous!"
-"Yr City's a Sucker"
-"Daft Punk is Playing at My House"
-"I Can Change"
-"All My Friends"
-"You Wanted a Hit"
-"Someone Great"
-"Losing My Edge"

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