Fred Falke Remixes Marina

My favorite Welsh pop star Marina and the Diamonds meets one of my favorite remixes? Heck, yes!

On Fred Falke's latest remix for Marina's "Shampain" he brings his signature touch and produces another dance anthem! How many hits does that make? I lost count. Mr Falke's got a formula that I never get tired of, esp with lovely vocals like Marina's. We got sent the radio edit, but knowing him I'm sure he has an 6-9 min extended club version out there somewhere. If you're a DJ I'd look into that.

With no further ado, here it is... Mike posted Marina's video for Shampain about a month on a video round up here, but she looks so good in it. I'm gonna post it again ;)  Hope you guys don't mind too much.

MP3: Shampain (Fred Falke Radio Edit) - Marina and the Diamonds

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