New Mexico

New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath) are a three piece indie rock band that despite their name are actually from the up and coming music scene of San Diego, California. They sent along their latest EP Have You Met My Friend? and I am loving it! A rocking good time that reminds of the fun stoner rock party vibes of bands like Queens of the Stone Age. In particular I'm loving their tracks "Motion Sickness" and "Abused and Amused" which I'm posting below, but they're all really good and you can grab the entire 7 track EP on their bandcamp page were you can name your own price, including the recession friendly price of $0. If you like these two tracks I'm posting below I'd go grab the rest of that EP pronto. Muy bueno!

MP3: Motion Sickness - New Mexico  320 kbps

MP3: Abused and Amused - New Mexico  320 kbps

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