Bag Raiders

Wrote about Australia's Bag Raiders releasing their self titled debut record back in August here. Got the record last week and I'm loving it! Been jamming it at my place quite a bit. An amazing electro-pop record a-la bands like Cut/Copy. Thought I'd write another post with a couple tracks from the album to remind you guys not to miss this one. So much stuff gets released these days and lots of stuff gets lost in the shuffle, but this is one you really shouldn't miss, especially if electro-pop is your thing like it is for me.

Here's a couple of my faves so far... The uplifting dance pop of "Sunlight" and the funky "So Demanding". Of course their hit "Shooting Stars" is on here, as well as the excellent first single "Way Back Home" of which they have an official video for now that you can see below. In addition here is a great Universe Remix I found on Hype Machine for "Way Back Home". If you dig these I'd go grab the rest of that album. Muy bueno!

P.S. If I don't get to post again till Friday have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you and all your families/friends all the best! Cheers!

MP3: Sunlight - Bag Raiders

MP3: So Demanding - Bag Raiders

MP3: Way Back Home (Universe Remix) - Bag Raiders

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