Action Man League

Finland synth-pop act Action Man League recently contacted OTR and sent along a couple of their tracks "3/83" and their latest "This City is Mine" and I am loving them both! Great synth-pop reminiscent of bands that I grew up listening to from the 80's, but with a little modern edge as well. Love them! I think you guys will too! Both these tracks have been cleared for posting so you're gonna wanna download these babies pronto. Then be prepared to listen to them over and over and... (you get the picture). Enjoy!

MP3: 3/83 - Action Man League

MP3: This City is Mine - Action Man League


Media Mindset said...

I can't stop listening. Good things going on in Finland these days.

Calem James Bendell said...

Reposted here:

Hope you don't mind :)